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Welcome to MyWebsiteLinks.com !


MyWebsiteLinks.com is a web portal. That is, it is a website that has information on and links to other websites.

There is a list of links below on this home page and there are links on many of the sites other pages. The links listed in the table below include short website descriptions.

In the left margin are pages that link to other pages in our website that have information in particular areas such as community or membership websites, information websites, retail websites, websites for services, as well as pages for weather information, news, and software.

We do add other content and links on occasion so we invite you to bookmark the page and check back. If you like the news, weather and website links we invite you to come back often or even make this your home page.

Special Website: We invite you to check out the website for Jonathan’s Eagle Scout Service Project.

Here is a table with links to websites and brief descriptions of those sites. The websites are listed in alphabetic order.


Website Link

Website Description

AphPub 20111003a3

Aphorism Publishing

Publisher of concise works.

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Communities of Common Passion

A collection of communities with people gathered around common passions and interests.


ComSaga - Communiy Journey

A  place for community. (This is a general, open community in contrast to  the communities gathered around specific passions at the Communities of  Common Passion site.)


Consumers Views

A place information about companies, products and services and for consumers to share their experiences with companies, products and services.


Eagles Wings Gallery

This website provides fine art for purchase.

GS-TP 20110917

General Store - Trading Post

A site focused on being a “good old” general store or trading post. A place where you can pick up a variety of essentials and some frills as well.


Good Bad Best Worst

This website provides a place for people to share their experiences (good and bad) with products, services and companies.


Sage Saga - Your wisdom journey.

A site dedicated to bringing you education in the form of classes, single session courses, and multi-session courses presented in text, audio, video and multi-media.

SAHO 20110929c

SAHO - Small and Home Office

This website provides resources for small business owners and managers and entrepreneurs.

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A place for people to share information, experiences, ideas, knowledge, stories and more.

TSS Logo 1a 

The Select Shop Photo Product Section

This site is connected with theselectshop.com and is the site where photo prints and products such as tote bags, t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs and others with the photo that you have selected printed on them can be ordered.





We are thinking of adding RSS feeds for updates to the site and of offering people the ability for them to have their own home page with links of their choosing. If you would like to see those features or others you can drop us a note via the contact page.



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